Gaia Theory

“Every living organism interact with their inorganic surroundings on earth to form a synergistic and self regulating complex system that helps to maintain and perpetuate the condition for life on the planet”

(James Lovelock, 1979)

Why Bion?

We Turn World’s Liability Into Possibility

  • We reverse engineered a system to one where waste is reutilized, emulating nature’s circular systems

  • We believe that most people perceive waste as liability, something to put out of sight and out of mind.

  • Our mission is to create modern socio-economy where every single product can be upcycle or recycle. Terraforming the conventional wisdom of linear business cycle into modern circularity.

Our Solution

Creating Zero Landfill Solution

Together we can divert million ton monitoring of valuable from landfill

Traceable Waste with Digital Monitoring

We provide high-end digital. You can trace your waste from it transported all the way to recycling centre

Data Gathering Automation

IoT sensory installed in our facility to eliminate human error and support industrial 4.0

Just in Time Collection service

With our integrated system in place we can provide just in time collection service

Perfect Circularity

Providing solutions that enable companies of any size to participate in the Circular Economy.


As Bion Cycle principal focus is developing and implementing circular solutions for products where there are otherwise only linear options (landfill), our partnerships with major businesses are recognized as circular economy activities. We are pleased to be an innovator within this timely global movement, and expect to see our engagements with leading companies grow, as we provide a wide range of turnkey solutions that enable companies of any size to participate in the Circular Economy.

Every organization today must comply with increasingly strict regulatory guidelines and quality controls in the delivery of their core businesses. It is required by law to have people with environmental engineering background inside the team. We hired the best self-driven motivated environmental engineer into our team.

Our activities are insured up to US$ 1,000,000 (1 Million US Dollar) against any environmental impairment liability. We are working with biggest insurance provider to guaranteed even further our seriousness in environmental damages.

Fastronic is the digital monitoring required by Indonesia environmental law. It is integrated from waste generator – transporter – recycler and all the way into environmental ministry auditor. Moreover, we provide our own high end digital monitoring to make the waste transportation traceable

We equipped every single of our truck with fire extinguisher kit. We provide them with breathalyser equipment as well.

Contact Us

Kemang 10 Building, Jalan Kemang Raya No. 10a, 1st Floor, Unit 1F, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia 12730 Phone:(021) 5011 2292 Email:info@bioncycle.com
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